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KnowGap Proof of Concept Pilot Program (TECHNICAL PROJECT #1)

Our Proof of Concept Pilot Program is designed to help stakeholders validate the potential business outcomes of our solution to help clients, customers and users achieve their strategic goals and objectives to include providing learning pathways to develop high demand skills and bridging expected workforce gaps that lead to meaningful careers to the state's citizens, including underserved communities.

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A company, philanthropic organization or individual can Sponsor one or all the 101 Historical Black Colleges
at only $1 a month for 4 years. 

A BLACK PATH TO THE MIDDLE CLASS:  New research on the upward mobility of HBCU graduates.
WSJ November 26, 2021

Philantropic Initiative (PEOPLE PROJECT #2)

H Ilove My HBCUS Picture.jpeg

Hard data about the value of a particular degree can be hard to come by. That’s why a new study on Historically Black Colleges and Universities is encouraging. It finds that HBCUs are an under-appreciated vehicle for upward mobility for their overwhelmingly African-American students.

The report was released last week by the United Negro College Fund’s Frederick D. Patterson Research Institute. The U.S. has 101 accredited HBCUs representing a combined student population that is more than 75% black. The unique contribution of this study is to examine students from the bottom two quintiles of household income ($46,000 or less)—and then find out how many later make it into the third quintile or above. 

Military Project #3
Soldiers and Helicopter

You are on active duty, transitioning from service, or a veteran who wants to develop high-value technical and/or soft skills that are in high demand and pay competitive wages in the semiconductor or cybersecurity sectors.

If you enjoy solving problems and looking for a career where you can continue to use your military skills and desire to protect and defend our county's vital resources using high tech cybersecurity technology this program can help you learn cyber skills to begin your career in an area that is in high demand and pays high competitive salaries. 

Our Military to Manufacturing will help you transition from Service to Semiconductors in the high demand semiconductor sector with predictions of 1 million jobs needed by 2030.

Contact us to get more information.

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