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KnowGap is an early-stage tech startup providing Software as a Service to help companies and BIPOC develop work skills that pay living wages and increase quality of life. We differentiate ourselves, as a data aggregator, using our proprietary Artificial Intelligence-based skills development through industry micro-credentials and algorithms, to leverage a variety of workforce data to provide the very best micro-credentialing skill development and digital badges solutions which delivers value through enhanced employability.  



To Close the Knowledge Gap and connect talent to opportunities within the BIPOC community.


A world where the Knowledge Gap that exists within BIPOC communities is closed and their talent is connected to opportunity that closes the wealth gap and increases quality of life.


We believe the cornerstone of a good business is serving others with empathy like we want to be served.

  • We serve our Customers by always striving to solve their problems with a focus on providing exceptional value and excellent customer service.

  • We serve our Team Partners by helping them unlock their potential and experience a satisfying work life balance, competitive pay, and high quality of life

  • We serve our Community by volunteering to help it be a better place that thrives for all.


KnowGap Intentional Customer Alignment.jpg
We intentionally align our customers at the center of everything we do.
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